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This page -- indicated as "Titles" in the Photography Criticism CyberArchive navigation bar, which appears at the top of your screen throughout the CyberArchive -- serves as one means of locating the material you seek within the CyberArchive's contents. Familiarizing yourself with it will enable you to move through the CyberArchive with the greatest efficiency.

In order to facilitate access to the ever-growing number of diverse texts on photography and related matters contained within in this CyberArchive, we've arranged them alphabetically as indicated on the "Texts by Title" pull-down menu here. In the Photography Criticism CyberArchive, all these texts appear in full.

The CyberArchive's other pull-down menus enable you to access this material by Author, by Category, and Subject. These lists are updated regularly as we incorporate new material into the CyberArchive. You can also use the CyberArchive search engine here to enter keywords and narrow your search even more precisely. You'll find additional links to all four of those functions at the bottom of the "Texts by Title" pull-down menu on this page.

Dozens of texts are added to this Photography Criticism CyberArchive on a quarterly basis. New entries are so indicated on the subsection menus, enabling subscribers to find them readily whenever they log in. Alternatively, you can visit our New at the CyberArchive page, which lists additions to our holdings and also new CyberArchive features.

We welcome recommendations for additions to this CyberArchive. The suggestions on which we can act most swiftly are those for further essays by authors already represented here, with whom we've already established working arrangements, or for material that's in the public domain. But we actively seek out work by other writers, past and present, incorporating their contributions to the literature into this repository whenever possible.

Often, however, material that's still under copyright -- which includes much writing from 1950 on -- is unavailable for inclusion here, either because licensing fees for it are too high for our budget or else because the authors and/or their estates choose not to permit its presentation in this format. Sometimes that's because they have their own internet plans for it. In cases where pertinent material appears elsewhere online, we provide information about it on the CyberArchive Links page.

Have you written about photography? Want to become a Photography Criticism CyberArchive author? Or do you represent a living writer on photography, or the estate of an author from the past? Click here to learn more about the benefits of having your work, or theirs, included in this repository.

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