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Gary Saretzky (195?-)

Gary D. Saretzky, archivist, photographer, and educator, has lived in New Jersey since 1969. Saretzky serves as Archivist of Monmouth County, New Jersey, and Coordinator of the Public History Internship Program for the Rutgers University-New Brunswick History Department. Formerly, he was the archivist of Educational Testing Service for twenty-three years.

Saretzky earned bachelors and masters degrees in History and American History, respectively, from the University of Wisconsin. Turning to the field of photography after graduate school, he studied photography with, among others, William Barksdale, Peter Bunnell, Charles Harbutt, Duane Michals, Eva Rubenstein, and Frederick Sommer, and earned a second bachelors degree, in Photography, from Thomas Edison College. In addition to solo exhibitions, most recently at Ellarslie (The City Museum of Trenton), his photographs have been included in many group shows, including "New Jersey Photographers" at Rutgers and several exhibitions at the New Jersey State Museum. He has taught photography at Trenton State College (now the College of New Jersey) and Mercer County Community College, where he has presented the history of photography course since 1977. Among photographic business activities, Saretzky works independently as a custom black-and-white printer and as a consultant and workshop instructor in the field of photographic conservation. He also has an Internet-based out-of-print photography book store at http://www.go.to/saretzky.

Saretzky is the author of more than one hundred articles and book reviews in the fields of photographic history, photographic conservation, archival science and non-photo-related topics. His series of articles on documentary photographers Edwin and Louise Rosskam in The Photo Review was the recipient of the Arline Custer Memorial Award from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference for the best journal article based on primary sources for the year 2001. Among other research and writing projects, Saretzky is the biographer of Pictorialist photographer Elias Goldensky. He has completed a database of 19th century Philadelphia photographers (the data has been published by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission) and is currently compiling a directory of approximately 3,000 19th century New Jersey photographers.

Contact: Gary Saretzky, 732-308-3772 or saretzky@rci.rutgers.edu

In the Photography Criticism CyberArchive:

  • "The Plow That Broke the Plains: Art, Politics & the Resettlement Administration" (2000)
  • "Margaret Bourke-White: Eyes on Russia" (1999)

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(Photo Credit: Portrait of Gary Saretsky by Kathlinda Saretzky. © Copyright Kathlinda Saretzky 2002. All rights reserved.)

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