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We offer here a wide variety of short quotations on diverse aspects of photography and subjects closely -- and sometimes loosely -- related to it (visual perception and light, for an example of the former; golf and archery, for an example of the latter). In this demo version, only the asterisked items on the first menu -- "Quotations about Photography: A-C" -- lead to actual quotes. In the subscriber version, all the sources indicated (and many more) are represented by at least one quotation each.

These quotations come from hundreds of different commentators. We've arranged them alphabetically by last name of the individual to whom they're attributed. We hope you find them useful as epigrams, food for thought, and provocation.

These quotes derive from many sources, collected over many years, and we have not managed to verify or trace them in all cases. With that caveat, you're welcome to cite this listing as your source. We apologize for any errors, and appreciate corrections of any inaccuracies in what we've posted here, especially if they come accompanied by exact sources (publication, author, volume, issue, page numbers, etc.) for any quotes not fully referenced. Just email us at quotations@photo-criticism.com.

Feel free also to submit your own favorite photo-related quotes. Please follow the form in which you find our quotes, checking the text for accuracy and citing as completely as possible the bibliographic reference from which you've derived your excerpt. You can send them to us at the email address above.

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