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Photography Criticism CyberArchive:
Subscription Rates

The Photography Criticism CyberArchive will register Charter Subscriptions from February 5, 2003 through July 31, 2004. In addition to the book bonus indicated below (for three-year subscriptions), Charter Subscribers who maintain their subscriptions, whether individual or institutional, will always receive our lowest renewal rates for their subscriptions.

Individual Photography Criticism CyberArchive Charter Subscriptions (for single user/single household):

  • $120 per year
  • $300 for three years
  • 3-year subscription includes your choice of up to 3 signed books by A. D. Coleman ($50 value)

Institutional Photography Criticism CyberArchive Charter Subscriptions, Level I (for up to 150 licensed users in college/university departments, museum departments, small libraries):

  • $500 per year
  • $1200 for three years
  • 3-year institutional subscription includes choice of up to 8 books by A. D. Coleman ($125 value)

Institutional Photography Criticism CyberArchive subscriptions, Level II (for more than 150 licensed users in colleges and universities, museums, larger libraries):

Student/group rates:

  • We've given thought to establishing discount rates for individual students. However, most students who want access to this Photography Criticism CyberArchive are part of college-level programs, studying with other students in the same courses. Clearly it's more cost-efficient to take out an institutional subscription. So we encourage you to persuade your teacher or department chair to subscribe to this CyberArchive on behalf of yourself and your classmastes. If that's not possible, we will extend our Level I Institutional subscription rate, above, to any informal group of students or other self-constituted cluster of subscribers.

Charter subscriptions:

  • We will consider any individual or institutional subscriber as a charter subscriber to the Photography Criticism CyberArchive if the subscription is initiated anytime between the present and the end of our first year's subscription cycle (which will terminate on July 31, 2004). So long as they maintain their CyberArchive subscriptions, charter subscribers will always renew at lower rates than others.

Gift subscriptions:

  • We are happy to arrange Photography Criticism CyberArchive gift subscriptions to individuals, groups, or institutions in your name or the name of your corporation. Please contact us for details.

To initiate a Photography Criticism CyberArchive subscription of any kind, click here.

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