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CyberArchive Internships, Independent Study, Individual and Group Term and Thesis Projects, and Assistantships
In order to develop and extend the Photography Criticism CyberArchive, we expect to work with assistants and interns looking for independent-study credits, thesis projects, and real-world experience in the fields of writing and publishing.

This project of course pertains to photography -- primarily to its history, criticism, and theory -- but also has obvious application to art history, art criticism, media studies, communications theory, American studies, cultural studies, visual culture, image studies, and media librarianship. We welcome inquiries from people in these disciplines, as well as others.

Internships and assistantships are always available here, year-round. Very few of the tasks require the volunteer's presence in the New York area. Most -- especially web-related and/or multimedia work -- can be performed on the individual's own schedule and wherever he or she is based, via telecommuting.

Some samples of projects in the hopper:

  • tracking down of published versions of texts in libraries and other collections;
  • conversion of printed and typed texts to html for this CyberArchive;
  • subsidiary-rights licensing of published and unpublished essays for the CyberArchive;
  • conversion of the recently published 1968-95 bibliography of A. D. Coleman's writings to an actual database for posting here;
  • development of the subscription base for the CyberArchive;
  • public-relations activity for the CyberArchive;
  • editing, picture research, and picture-rights negotiations for components of the CyberArchive.

If any of these interest you, or if you're a teacher with students looking for such opportunities, don't hesitate to contact me at internships@photocriticism.com.

-- Jasmine Gartner, Ph.D., Managing Editor
Photography Criticism CyberArchive

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