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Texts by Author

This page -- indicated as "Authors" in the Photography Criticism CyberArchive navigation bar, which appears at the top of your screen throughout the CyberArchive -- serves as one means of locating the material you seek within the CyberArchive's contents. Familiarizing yourself with it will enable you to move through the CyberArchive with the greatest efficiency.

In order to facilitate access to the ever-growing number of diverse texts on photography and related matters contained within this CyberArchive, we've grouped them alphabetically by author on the "Texts by Author" pull-down menu here. This menu provides a complete list of all authors included in the CyberArchive. In this demo version, selecting any of the authors whose names appear on that pull-down menu followed by an asterisk (*) will take you to the Author's Page devoted to that writer, which includes a biographical note, a portrait, assorted other information, and a list of all of his or her writings in the Photography Criticism CyberArchive.

In this brief sampling of the CyberArchive, only a few of these authors' texts appear in full; in most cases we provide only excerpts for non-subscribers. You will find a complete list of their archived essays on the Author's Pages you choose to examine. Subscribers have online access to the complete published versions of these texts in digital form, along with the bibliographic information necessary for accurate citation thereof.

The CyberArchive's other pull-down menus enable you to access this material by Category, by Subject, and by Title. These lists are updated regularly as we incorporate new material into the CyberArchive. You can also use the CyberArchive search engine to enter keywords and narrow your search even more precisely. (This search engine will search the entire contents of the subscription version of the CyberArchive and provide full results; however, unless you're a subscriber you can't access any of the references it offers.) You'll find additional links to all four of those functions at the bottom of the "Texts by Author" pull-down menu on this page.

The authors represented in this CyberArchive have all contributed notably to the discourse on photography. In some cases, their writing preceded and anticipated the announcement of photography's invention in 1839; we've included it as evidence that, as the late Heinrich Schwarz proposed, the medium's inception resulted from cultural energies that had brewed for a long time.

Have you written about photography? Want to become a Photography Criticism CyberArchive author? Or do you represent a living writer on photography, or the estate of an author from the past? Click here to learn more about the benefits of having your work, or theirs, included in this repository. Whether or not you wish to work with us, if you do write about this medium you're eligible for the Photo Writers' Registry; click that link for details.

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